BARON DAVIS The artist.

I guess I'm considered to be like Bruce Lee of monkeyfacetattoos when it comes to custom and traditional tattoos , I believe that in order to truly appreciate it, then you must study all aspects of it, from front to back..even going as far as creating various thumb-nails before the final project begins.  I began my training as an artist at the age of 11 years old here in California, and have continued my career for more than 25 years in the profession. I am proficient in shading and textured designs, and find my passion in doing larger more complicated pieces.

I believe that tattoos should be done with quality materials, and made affordable so that all can enjoy the body-art experience....


I do cover-ups, custom and traditional, portraits, Blood wash, Gray wash, and specialize in color inks.



My name is Devorah and  I specialize in tattooing as well as proffessional atmosphere has allowed me to work in both L.A. and the Bay Area. I also like traditional tattooing  but have drawn my skill close to doing mehndi, more commonly known as Henna....don't get it twisted I'm totally into dotwork and custom tattoo work because tattooing is my passion,"ART ON SKIN" skill is extensive, and also includes, painting shoes, wall murals, and nail art.


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